Niostreamer is a media streaming server for live streaming scenarios. That is. You can ingest video using i.e. RTMP protocol and serve it for viewers as HLS or MPEG-DASH. Niostreamer does all the low-level job: parsing protocols, convert media data to target format (which is called transmuxing), generating manifest and so on.

Niostreamer is designed to be a strong lightweight core component inside streaming infrastructure.

It is all about streaming protocols: Niostreamer can parse them, transmux and serve. It does low-level job — the most important and complex part of video streaming. And then it gives customers simple mechanisms to control streaming behavior and rules.

Working with streaming protocols is sophisticated thing. That fact leads to the common problem of technical solutions on media streaming market: a strong complexity
Niostreamer brings a new approach of simplicity. It helps service providers to easily enter this market.

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Supported protocols

Current list of media streaming protocols Niostreamer supports:

  • RTMP
  • RTSP
  • HLS

RTMP is supported in both publish and play mode.

RTSP is supported in interleaved mode over TCP.

Niostreamer can receive MPEG-TS streams over UDP

All incoming streams can be converted to a couple of output protocols: MPEG-TS, HLS.

Niostreamer supports Apple HTTP Live streaming specification of .m3u8 manifests with payload in MPEG2-TS chunk format.

Supported platforms

Niostreamer is designed for multiple platforms and can run on different hardware. Technically its codebase is truly cross-platform. Current distribution can be installed on Linux Rhel (Centos, Fedora) operation systems.

In future releases support of Windows, MacOS and Docker distribution will be added

What's next?

Niostreamer is designed to be simple. To get started please go to Quick Start section