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Build your Live

Niostreamer is a media streaming server written in C++.

It helps to build your video streaming solution,
setup multimedia pipelines, transmux protocols, tune security
with easy configuration from web control panel.

RTMP source

Live translation

RTSP source

Media encoder

Mobile streaming

RTMP HLS DASH MPEG-TS protocols implementation

Protocols and codecs

  • Supports incoming streams using RTMP, RTSP and MPEG-TS protocols
  • Viewing streams using RTMP, DASH and HLS protocols
  • Support H.264 and H.265 video codecs
  • Pull from external RTMP, HLS, DASH endpoints
  • Push to remote RTMP


  • Convert MP4 to HLS streams
  • Convert MP4 to MPEG-DASH streams
  • Transmux .aac and .mp3 to audio-only HLS and MPEG-DASH
  • Video- and audio- only MP4 supported
  • H.264 and H.265 codecs supported
  • Transmux media files on-the-fly


  • Build custom live and VOD user experiences
  • Different pay per view strategies
  • Hot-linking protection
  • Restrict access by geo-location, IP ranges, User-Agent, referer, etc
  • Control streaming behavior according to your needs
  • Setup max client connections profile
  • Customize authentication with external API calls

Reporting and statistics

  • Running instances and live streams monitoring
  • Traffic bandwidth
  • Viewers statistics, stream duration
  • Geo-location picture
  • Details about client devices

Platform & API

  • All control panel functionality is covered by REST API
  • Automate managing of registered server instances
  • Reporting API
  • Statistics API
  • Push API external calls

Pricing & Plans

Monthly cost indicates the amount of funds to be charged each month for each streaming instance installed and registered in Niostreamer web panel.


$0 / month

10 instances


Reporting and statistics

30 days trial period





$20 / month

Unlimited instances


Reporting and statistics

No restriction by time

Full manage with web control panel

Support 24/7

Get started